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Bedrock Animal Crossing Inspired Furniture

Animal Crossing Inspired Furniture


Do you like Animal Crossing? Well this addon is for you, It adds new Animal Crossing Furniture! There will be MANY MORE UPDATES to this addon in the Future. As of now there is only the Antique Furniture from Animal Crossing.


Here is all the Furniture in this Addon:


Brown Antique Bed:


Yellow Antique Bed:


Black Antique Bed:


Brown Antique Chair:

Yellow Antique Chair:

Black Antique Chair:


Brown Antique Clock:

Yellow Antique Clock:

Black Antique Clock:



Brown Antique Console Table:

Yellow Antique Console Table:

Black Antique Console Table:


Brown Antique Mini Table:

Yellow Antique Mini Table:

Black Antique Mini Table:


Brown Antique Table:

Yellow Antique Table:

Black Antique Table:


Brown Antique Vanity:

Yellow Antique Vanity:

Black Antique Vanity:


Brown Antique Wardrobe:

Yellow Antique Wardrobe:

Black Antique Wardrobe:



Download ALL 3 Downloads from the LINKS!!!!!!!

You need all of them in order for the addon to work!

Follow the instructions on the website in order to download the links!

Turn all these on in order for the addon to work!


creator: OofAddons


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