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Bedrock Anodontosaurus Addon

Bedrock Anodontosaurus Addon is an innovative new program that helps Minecraft players experience the prehistoric Anodontosaurus dinosaur. This program adds a realistic rendering of the Anodontosaurus to the existing Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

The Anodontosaurus is an extinct species of dinosaur, related to other armored dinosaurs such as the Stegosaurus. This powerful dinosaur lived during the Late Jurassic period and was one of the largest land animals of its time. This program gives players the ability to recreate this ancient creature in the game and explore its unique attributes.

The Bedrock Anodontosaurus Addon is designed to be a seamless addition to the existing game. It features a model based on real world research of the Anodontosaurus, which replicates its anatomy and movement accurately. Additionally, this addon introduces a new reason for players to explore their Minecraft universe, as the Anodontosaurus can be found in and around certain biome types in the game.

Furthermore, this addon also allows players to play as the Anodontosaurus in the game. This lets players experience and admire the physical abilities of the creature, such as its powerful charge attack, the ability to trample enemies, and the impressive speed and agility.

The Bedrock Anodontosaurus Addon is an exciting new program that adds an exciting prehistoric creature to the game. By introducing an historically accurate 3D model, as well as allowing players to directly interact with it, this addon gives Minecraft players an exciting way to experience the amazing prehistoric world of the Anodontosaurus.

Anodontosaurus Addon


this awesome addon made by our wwa team will bring you the anodontosaurus to Minecraft with a lot of features and cool Animations and textures you can do a lot with it 

breedable with wheat 

tameable with apple 

when tamed you can equip it a saddle and ride it 

they will protect you when tamed 

spawns in desert

any mob that attacks a anodontosaurus will get attacked back 

anodontosaurus are night active this means they will sleep at day time

here are some Pictures of the addon 



Select version for changelog:




click on the file and it should open Minecraft 

creator: https://twitter.com/Okay72819510


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