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Anti-Addon Steal [Template]

Have your addon ever been stolen without any credit being given to you? Because I have had my addons stolen from youtubers and other sites. Well I think this just might solve your issue.

There is no real way to prevent this but at least now you can be credited.

Copy the contents of the anti.mcfunction and change the names. Make sure to include it in the tick.json file. 

This does NOT require experimental features.

To be informed of the next update feel free to join the discord server  https://discord.gg/YvzDmSkHPv

Feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel if I helped 🙂

Xterion – YouTube



After downloading the files double click them and they should be imported automatically into Minecraft.


After downloading the files extract the contents into the behavior  pack and resource pack folders respectively and launch Minecraft.

creator: https://twitter.com/XXterion


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