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Bedrock Arctic Fox Armor!

Arctic Fox Armor! [With Bonuses!]


Ever seen any Minecraft Dungeons items, weapons, or armor and thought why can’t that be in Minecraft? Well even if you haven’t, I added an armor set from it with a bunch of features to it!

NOTE: You MUST turn on Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features! In world settings under experiments.

Today I’ve gone through the depths of the Minecraft Dungeons game files just to bring you an armor set from it, this armor is called Arctic Fox Armor, but that isn’t all, I added a ton of little bonus features to it besides getting the model itself into the game. I’ll start off with the features list 🙂


(1) You will passively gain 4 bonus hearts and lose No Hunger whilst this armor is equipped

(2) You will gain Night Vision, Speed 3, and 8 Bonus Hearts whilst this armor is equipped in an Arctic or Snow biome

(You’ve become more adept in the Arctic Fox’s natural environment)

(3) Pelt is a new item dropped by Arctic Foxes used to craft and repair this armor


(4) Armor Stats: This armor is Enchantable, has 16 defense points, (a tiny bit more than iron armor) 1K durability, and is snazzy

(4) Arctic Foxes are now fully hostile, these cuddly little creatures will kill anything in sight 

(5) NEW SOUND EFFECTS! When you equip this armor through your hotbar with “use item” one of three random equip sounds will play, also when this armor is dropped by an Arctic Fox within range one of three random drop sounds will also play, and lastly when you first pick up this armor through any means, one of three random pick up sounds will play

To get this armor use the creative menu and go to chestplates or use /give or kill an arctic fox with a 33% chance to drop or craft it with Pelt.


For Windows: download the mcaddon and double click it to import it to Minecraft

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGKAIxqaqjg7lSxr5RerJnQ


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