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Bedrock Art’s Aura Rings Addon

Art’s Aura Rings Addon


The first aura rings were made in the pre-pillager magic era. The aura ring was tailored by the pillagers’ primitive magic to ward off evil creatures by trying to look intimidating. Pillagers used the rings to channel big bursts of fire or to summon damned souls. As powerful as it may sound, it is all just an illusion. Now that pillager magic has developed greatly, these rings were made as a cosmetic item instead. 

Here’s an overview with trail demo

Trail demo starts at 0:52



Obtaining the Rings

Aura rings can be found in woodland mansions, strongholds, buried treasure, and dungeons.


Using the Rings

To activate the rings, simply put it on your offhand slot.


Addon Compatibility Fix

Since this addon change existing loot tables of structures in minecraft, it will not be compatible with addons that also change existing loot tables. To fix this, download Art’s Pinata Sheep Addon along with this addon so that you can obtain the rings by killing the piñata sheep instead of finding it in structures. No need for file changes, the piñata sheep mob will automatically recognize the aura rings as its drop. Learn more about Art’s Pinata Sheep Addon here

Make sure that the loot changing addon’s behavior pack that you want working in your world is above the aura rings addon behavior pack so that it will overwrite the aura rings addon’s loot files


Upgraded Version

The upgraded version makes the rings work on mobs with inventory. That also includes armor stands, chest minecarts, zombies, and non-vanilla mobs! You can put it on your modded ridable pet’s inventory so it looks more unique and personalized.


Anti-Lag System

Non player entities share the same particle emitter. This means that if 2 or more mobs is wearing the same ring, the particles will be distributed between all of them meaning more entities holding the same ring = less particle will be emitted for all of them. I try to make it not laggy as much as possible. Given that this addon is based on particles, it might not be 100% stable in low-end devices.



[1] As stated above this page, it is not compatible with an addon that also changes existing loot tables. Your world will still be playable but the features will be mixed up if the addon compatibility fix section isn’t followed. 


[1] Ask permission on my email which is [email protected] so we can further discuss the details.


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