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Bedrock Art’s Pinata Sheep Addon

Art’s Pinata Sheep Addon


Art’s Pinata Sheep Addon introduces the player to quirky little items that is generally not fit for survival but is perfect for casual modded smps. It also adds a mob where you can get the items from! 

Here’s a Demo


Obtaining the Pinata Sheep

Using a name tag, rename a normal sheep as “Pinata Sheep” not using the “ñ” symbol and capitalizing both first letters of the words. This will turn a normal sheep into a Piñata Sheep which can’t be renamed back into a normal sheep. The Piñata Sheep can be leashed into a suspended fence block to give more of the Piñata feel.


Breaking the Piñata Sheep will drop these items:


The most abundant drop of a Piñata Sheep. There are four variants that has a 20% chance of giving the player a positive potion effect for 10 seconds.

  • Gummy worms give a chance of speed
  • Marshmallows will give a chance of slow falling
  • Jelly beans will give a chance of village hero
  • Candy hearts will give a chance of regeneration


Bottle of Bubbles

Activating the item will release multicolored bubbles. There are 6 color variants. Just like real life, bubble solutions get used up overtime. In this addon, bubbles can be used at least 500 times. Bubbles will not appear underwater



Activating the item will make the kazoo make a sound with the different pitch depending on where the player looks. Looking up produces the highest note and looking down produces the lowest note. There are some instances where it plays two notes or no notes at all. This is a bug that might not be fixed. 




[1] Ask permission on my email which is [email protected] so we can further discuss the details.


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