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Bedrock Attack-On-Titan Uniform Addon

[3D] Attack-On-Titan Uniform Addon

This is a set of 5 additional uniforms for Minecraft based on the anime ‘Attack on Titan’. They are 3D Modelled and work as Armor pieces. This can be used for any form of Attack on Titan roleplay or MilSim style of map. 


In the pack, there are 5 different sets of Uniform. These are Unicorn, Wings, Roses, Crossed-Swords, and Crown. These represent different regiments in the attack on titan universe. There are also webbed/strapped leggings and boots in black and white which will go with the respective chestplates.













Images of it ingame: (Note: The ODM Gear is not apart of this addon. Only the clothing is.)


Modelled By: Co2byJ98#0101
Coded By: 9a_r#3064
Made for: SpecRegBestReg


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creator: Zev Studios

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