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Bedrock Aussie Military Uniforms

[3D] Aussie Military Uniforms

This is a small 3D Military Uniform Pack based around the Australian Armed Forces. It has boots, leggings, then 11 Chestplates for different ranks, and 4 different helmets. The different chest plates all have different insignia for the different ranks, these ranks are: – Private – Lance Corporal – Corporal – Sergeant – Staff Sergeant – Warrant Officer Class 2 – Warrant Officer Class 1 – 2nd Lieutenant – Lieutenant – Captain – Major


The 4 different helmets are the Beret, Boonie, Night Vision Goggles, and the Slouch Hat. These can be used for combat uniforms or parade uniforms or just to distinguish between regiment.

Slouch Hat:

Night Vision Goggles:




Chestplate (Private):




Models & Textures by Co1byJ98
Coding by 9a_r



-Updated Links To Direct Link as File Link wasn’t allowed

creator: Zev Studios


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