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Bedrock Australian Rules Football Addon

Australian Rules Football Addon

Aussie rules football. Now in Minecraft. Comes with field blocks, along with white lines, a post, black shorts and a white singlet as well as a jersey for each team in the AFL.


The Field

The field is a brighter grass block. Placing grass, mycelium, path, etc in a stonecutter will give the field block.

This can then be turned into a variety of lined field blocks:

Goal Post

This is a post that can be placed. My posts addon can be added to and will all combine and with no double-ups.


Red and Yellow oval balls. The same crafting recipe for both but different dye colours.


Just some shorts.


This is basically just a plain jersey to be dyed for the rest.


Made from a singlet and dyes. These will show up in the crafting book so I won’t bother putting them all here.

creator: dalts7


Make sure you have Holiday Creator Features turned on.


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