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Bedrock AutoInventory


AutoInventory is made so that the items you extract will be added to your inventory automatically, with this you will no longer lose your important items, they will not be stolen or fall in lava


With this plugin you will no longer lose your items because they fall into the lava, or your friends want to steal them from you, now with AutoInventory the mined items or those on the ground will be added to your inventory

For this to work. players have to crouch, this will cause items near the player to be added to their inventory. All items are supported, wood, stones, minerals, tools, and any other additional items you add to your worlds

if you want the items to be added to your inventory remember to be crouching

you cannot publish this plugin as your own

if you can share this plugin with the condition of leaving the link


just add some images to the description to make it easier to understand how the addon works


just download AutoInventory, and with one click it will be installed automatically. You do not need to activate the experimental game

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyLPBEhqVp-FtHbhAfKLCLQ


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