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Bedrock Aviancraft: Penguins

Aviancraft: Penguins

Adds 24 species of penguin to Minecraft (include all of the extant penguins + 5 extinct species), with unique models, animations as well as sound effects. Please watch the video for instructions on how to play


If you would like to publish this addon onto other websites/apps, you must include this video below in the description, as well as the authors’ name: me and tttongxin. 

Aviancraft: Penguins addon Contains 24 species of aquatic dinosaurs of the Sphenisciformes order (penguin), including 19 extant species and 5 extinct species. Every extant species of penguin has sound effects taken from real life, taken from Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Every animal has unique egg model and chick model as well (all based on real life)

About Aviancraft:

Aviancraft aims to recreate some of the most iconic avian dinosaur (bird) species (total number of creatures will be 200+) It is a huge project formed by multiple addons, some of them are free and some of them will be paid. 
Current aviancraft addons in progress: Aviancraft: Landfowls, Aviancraft: Seriemas, Aviancraft: Owls. More Aviancraft addons will come in the future

How to Play

All extant penguins summon naturally on beaches & ice. Those species who live in Australia, New Zealand, South America, Africa as well as subantarctic regions will spawn on beaches. Those who live in Antarctica will spawn on ice. 

Breed 2 adult penguins of the same species by feeding them raw fish (cod). After that, they will lay an egg. The chick will hatch in around 5 minutes. All penguins have unique egg and chick model (based on real life)

Extinct species of penguins only spawn at night. They are initially spawn as ghosts, and will burn in daylight. if you would like to bring them back to life, splash them with potion of weakness, then cure them with totem of undying immediately. After a while, their eyes will turn back to normal and will no longer burn during daytime. 

Name an Adelie Penguin as tencent_, then you can trade with it. At level 2, you can use 58 penguin coins to buy a 1:1 scale Elasmosaurus Statue from the penguin. 



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