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Bedrock Backroom Explored Addon V1.3

Backroom Explored Addon V1.3


Hello do you ever wanted to make your own backrooms map? well this addon adds a variety of entities, items, and blocks from the Backroom fandom You can use this addon for your own experience!



this addon adds a variety of entities from the Backrooms fandom and 1 from Kane pixels



Very aggressive creatures. They deal only a medium amount of damage but they can inflict nausea

You can hit them to make them retreat. dangerous in packs


Death rats


They resemble the Modern day rat except they are very aggressive and will attack anything

Dangerous in packs



They are very dangerous creatures. they deal a massive amount of damage and have high health

Skin stealers

Skin stealers are dangerous creatures tho wont instantly attack, They wear human disguise


Death moths


Death moths are large territorial moths, they deal an area of attack damage, They have Medium health 


Wanderers are humans that no clipped into the backrooms, they trade items and comes at different variants, There are also raiders

Party goers 

They are fun creatures you should join them =) 

Update: they now sing =)


Facelings are friendly creatures they will protect Wanderers and will attack anything hostile 

The Bacteria 

This entity is from Kane pixel’s found footage video. 

it is very aggressive and loud / NEW Model and texture


Spider infected with unknown fungi that made them hostile 

  • very dangerous and can inflict poison 


Arachnids of level 8 

small and dangerous spiders located in level 8 and can cause fatal posion


Very hostile creature will attack any wanderer 

The thing on level 7 aka tiny

big fish 

New 1.3 entities


Party pooper

Natural enemies of the Party goer



Very aggressive creature

“old image”

Primodial smiler

A bigger version of the smiler


These are the varieties of block and decorations 

Even more blocks in the current 1.2 update

1.3 added more!

Build concept 

thanks to @misterbruhh69 for helping me build the concept 

level 2 concept

level 3 concept 

level 4 concept 

level 5 concept 


some of the items in the addon 

Flintlock pistol 

– Craft the flintlock and the flint bullet in the crafting menu to reload the gun 

 Almond water 

 -Gives regeneration and saturation 

Canned food 

 -Gives saturation 

Liquid pain 

 -gives the player fatal poison 

Carpet water 

 -Gives poison and slowness 

Smiler reppelant 

 -causes nearby smilers to take damage 

Meleted greasy marshmallow 

 -Gives speed to the player 


 -Used to collect carpet water 


 -Used to take pictures of entities, can be obtained on a Unknown Researcher 


 -Gives player regeneration 

New Super almond water

-Gives instant health, regeneration. resistance and speed


*Do not repost this addon 

*Must be credited to any maps or videos of the addon



You must enable experimental gameplay for the addon to work 


You need a Geo fixer addon to fix some of the blocks


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