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Bedrock Bacon



Now you can add tasty cooked bacon to Minecraft! Bacon can be made by cooking Cooked Pork Chops in a furnace, in a smoker, or on a campfire. Enjoy !

How would you like to add bacon to your Minecraft World? Now you can. Bacon can be made by cooking a Cooked Pork Chop in a furnace, in a smoker, or over a campfire. (Soul campfires can’t cook bacon.) Bacon will give you 8 food points (four hunger bars) and has a saturation value of “supernatural”. (This means that you will not start to lose food points for a long time after eating bacon.)



  1. Follow the link to Linkvertise.com
  2. Select “Free Access with Ads”
  3. Follow the instructions on Linkvertise.com
  4. Download the behavior pack from MediaFire
  5. Put the add-on in the behavior_packs folder in Minecraft

Note: You must enable “Holiday Creator Features” in order for the add-on to work. (Though you can add other experimental features if you want to.)

creator: D4Q2

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