Balloons+ (Recipes with Custom Interface)

Do you like balloons and can’t get them to survive? The solution is here, also with a custom interface never seen before on the bedrock, you will not be disappointed.


Hello, this is my first addon, first of all I have to give merits to @Dewdimpple, without him none of this could be possible.


Maybe you wonder what is this addon?


In case you were wondering, this addon adds the ability to create education edition balloons, but not in a boring way on a crafting table, in a way you’ve never seen before in bedrock with interfaces.


added items (all items have recipes):

 -tree bark (all logs in the game)


 -iron plate

 -balloon machine


added recipes:




To start creating the balloons you must follow some steps:


-First you must create the mace:

    – 6 iron ingots

    – 1 stick

-Second you must create the iron plates:

    – 1 mace (you won’t lose them)

    – 1 iron ingot

-Third you can create the balloon machine!:

   – 3 iron plates

   – 1 redstone

   – 5 iron ingots

                  I accept textures suggestions!

                              this is the interface!


since you have all this you can start creating the balloons, congratulations!


-Fourth step, to create balloons you need latex, and to create latex you need tree bark, (you can use all the logs in the game):

    – 1 shears (you won’t lose them)

-Five step, create latex, (you can use any bark):

    – 1 any bark

    – 1 water bucket


-Step six, create balloons, (you can create the color you want):

   – 3 latex.

   – 1 any dye.

   – 1 lead.


Notes that you may be interested in:

 -the addon is fully compatible with other addons

 -compatible with realms and servers

 -this addon does not use player.json

 -This version is a beta so the textures you see are not  the final ones, I plan to do more fun ways to create the  education edition objects in survival mode, so maybe I  will change the name of the addon.

 -sorry for any writing errors, I translated all the text with     the google translator.

  • correction of link in the post 
  • bug fixes 
  • texture arrangements (acacia bark, mace)


The installation is like any other addon, just don’t forget to activate these options:




By aadhu

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