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Bedrock Barb and Chain Add-On

Barb and Chain Add-On


Barb and Chain is a small add-on that adds some stylish barbed wire and chain-link fences. The blocks and items in this Add-On are separated from the More So Less Snore Add-On, but have been improved upon to work alone.

Introduction Video


This Add-On includes:

  • Barbed Wire
  • Barbed Wire End
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Gold Chain Link Fence
  • Wire Cutters

Barbed Wire:

Entities that walk on Barbed Wire will be hurt and slowed.

Recipe – 

Barbed Wire Footage – 

Barbed Wire End:

Barbed Wire Ends are perfect for adding that finishing touch to your barbed wire. It looks best when placed at the ends of barbed wire and on the corners of fences.

Recipe – 

Wire Cutter:

The Wire Cutters are really important for this add-on as it will allow the player to break fences and barbed wire quickly.

Recipe – 

Wire Cutter Footage – 

Chain-link Fence:

The Chain-Link Fences are perfect for fortifying your base as well as making it look a bit more grim.

Recipe – 

Gold Chain Fence: 

Gold Chain Fences are the cooler daniel to the Chain-Link Fences. They do nothing special.

Recipe – 



Known Problems

When placing the fences and barbed wire, at first they will not connect automatically. You can either give it time and they will, or sneak and interact with them. Either option will allow the blocks to attach to each other.



If you are planning on using these for a map, please leave some credit to me for the content in the add-on.



If you like the Add-On, I’d appreciate if you could subscribe to my YouTube Channel  https://www.youtube.com/c/HappyCannon27



Click the link, download and enjoy.



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