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Bedrock Battleaxes

Battleaxes [1.16.100+]

This minecraft bedrock addon adds in a total of 33 new items including 23 battleaxes and 8 BRAND NEW blocks! These 23 battleaxes include a nether star battleaxe, wither battleaxe, and MANY MORE!

In this addon, you get the choice to choose from a variety of different battleaxes each with their own texture and stats (some have their own effects too!). 

Glass Battleaxe

17 Damage

500 Durability

Made with Hardened Glass

Ender Battleaxe

39 Damage

4000 Durability

Made with Infused Endstone

Star Battleaxe

112 Damage

54000 Durability

Made with Infused Netherstar

Wither Battleaxe

43 Damage

5600 Durability

Made with Necrotic Blocks

Necrotic Blocks are made from Necrotic Bones which drop from wither skeletons

Dirt Battleaxe

7 Damage

50 Durability

Lava Battleaxe

17 Damage

1400 Durability

Water Battleaxe

14 Damage

900 Durability

Sand Battleaxe

9 Damage

400 Durability

Coal Battleaxe

10 Damage

350 Durability

Ice Battleaxe

13 Damage

450 Durability

Cactus Battleaxe

14 Damage

750 Durability

Soul Sand Battleaxe

13 Damage

890 Durability

Made with Soul Soil

Glowstone Battleaxe

11 Damage

780 Durability

Slime Battleaxe

11 Damage

830 Durability

Sea Battleaxe

12 Damage

980 Durability

Bone Battleaxe

13 Damage

990 Durability

Shulker Battleaxe

19 Damage

1330 Durability

Made with Shulker Blocks

Flint Battleaxe

9 Damage

780 Durability

Made with Flint Blocks

Blaze Battleaxe

15 Damage

1190 Durability

Made with Blaze Blocks

Enchanted Battleaxe

23 Damage

2600 Durability

(any enchanted books work)

Dragon Battleaxe

48 Damage

4700 Durability

Made with Dragons Breath Blocks

Totem Battleaxe

38 Damage

3800 Durability

Made with Totem Blocks

Amethyst Battleaxe

14 Damage

800 Durability

creator: AfterMvth



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