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Bedrock Beacon+ Remake || More Beacons

In this article, we would like to bring to one’s attention an exciting new remake of the Bedrock Beacon+: The More Beacons Remake.

The Bedrock Beacon+ revolutionized the way consumers are able to buy and sell goods by providing a single platform to connect buyers to vetted sellers. It offers easy-to-navigate menu options which allows users to easily browse items, find and place bids or offers on products, and track purchases with ease and convenience.

The More Beacons Remake extends the existing Bedrock Beacon+ capabilities by adding additional features such as a built-in rating system, customizable notifications, and more payment and shipping options. The remake also allows users to easily plan out a purchasing journey from start to finish by providing notifications when an auction is about to end as well as providing an overview of the process, from start to finish.

The additional features also offer value for buyers by giving them more control over the way they shop. For example, the rating system enables buyers to rate purchases, giving an added layer of security and trust when buying a product from a seller.

Additionally, the More Beacons Remake makes it even easier for users to connect with each other and make purchases without the need for software or hardware installations. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for customers to easily shop, buy, and even sell goods in a secure and efficient manner.

Finally, the remake of the Bedrock Beacon+ makes it possible for users to conveniently manage and track purchases in one convenient place. From tracking order statuses to managing payment and shipping information, the beacon ensures that customers can easily keep up with their transactions in one place.

By introducing the More Beacons Remake, Bedrock Beacon+ has created an even more convenient and efficient platform which offers immense value to buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders. This remake increases the efficiency of the Bedrock Beacon+ and enhances the overall shopping experience for customers, making it a truly revolutionary product.

Beacon+ Remake || More Beacons


It is time!

I have been making addons for almost 2 years and therefore I decided to Remake

My First Ever addon!

And that was Beacon+

This Addon adds 18 new Beacons that give you abilities!

Hope you enjoy it!


Let’s begin with Bismuth:


Bismuth is found everywhere and it used to craft the Beacons

And Bismuth is also used to craft the Block that are needed to power the Beacons!
They are all crafted like that but the Netherite one only needs one netherite ingot!


The Beacons have a maximum of 2 Layers and each layer increases the radius and the effects!

Now we come to the Beacons!

These Beacons can be made:

  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Quartz
  • Lapis
  • Netherite
  • Amethyst
  • Copper

The effects they give are told below the Signs!

And that is actually about it!
Yes it is a pretty Small addon but I wanted to still remake it!

If you want you can watch here on how I made it!
And don’t forget to Subscribe to my Channel



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