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Bedrock Bedrock Builder Wand

Bedrock Builder Wand

This addon allows you to create all manner of geometric shapes easily. 

Choose from cubes, spheres, pyramids, cylinders, lines, walls, hemispheres. 

You can fill with a selected block, or air, water or lava.

It also features an undo option in case you mess it up.  




  1. Get the wand from the creative inventory or /give it to yourself.
  2. Right click when you are looking at a block (it has quite a long range)

3. Choose which options you want. Then click the type of shape you want.

4. Follow the instructions for the shape.

5. Presto!


Most shapes follow the same steps.

  1. Pick the block, by right-clicking a block
  2. Go to the start point and right click
  3. Go to the end point and right click.
  4. That is all

For things like spheres your endpoint will determine the radius of the sphere.

For a vertical cylinder for example you want to choose the center point, move horizontally to the radius you want, then move up the height you want.

For a wall your first click is one corner of the wall, your second click is the opposite corner.


You can undo your last action by choosing “undo last action” in the menu. This works on all shapes but the cuboid. Note that the undo buffer is for 1 action only. So you cannot undo more than one action.

There is one issue to be aware of which is that sometimes it detects the wrong block. The chat will indicate which block you have picked so make sure it is the one you want before you continue. If it is wrong then press cancel and try again after moving position slightly.


There is also a Emerald Block Pickaxe, which in survival mode lets you break blocks really fast. Even bedrock, with drops.


Source available here



Added more details and screen shots as requested for the submission.


  1. Double click the mcaddon to install.
  2. Add to your world in the normal way (add the behaviour pack first, it will then add the resource pack automatically

creator: infeasibler


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