Better Boats

 This mod adds more types of Boats, adds Kayaks with and without chests and colored “Rocketlanchas” , it is planned to add more boats in an Add-On update in early January, so check the page or subscribe to my YT channel = AlexTheMan7964 so then you will receive a notification when it has been released, if you are going to advertise my Add-On , you can put your shortener, but it does not have to be the direct link, so that I can earn money from my work , and the shortener that you put has to take to my YT channel in the video of the version of the mod

To start we have the boat factory which we serve to create the necessary parts for the creation of these new boats

we need 4 iron ingots a boat and a Crafting Table


The repair wrench can repair any boat of the mod, it is necessary since some boats do not give you the full loot when destroyed, and you lose important pieces, so with the repair wrench you can raise its life

there is 3 boats types, but im going to add more boats so check for new updates 

Number 1 Kayak

Its more faster than a Minecraft boat  and supports up to 3 players.  all the boats are full animated and has his owns sounds

There is the Kayak recipe 

Number 2 Kayak with a chest

its like a kayak but with a chest and the chest works

We need a kayak and a chest

And the Last One and More Faster the “RocketLancha”

its so faster and you can change the color with dye 

This is a great addon to explore the sea, in the next update I want to add sailboats and hovercraft



In the last update the player.json is not used, so this addon works with any other addon

creator: AlexTheMan7964

By aadhu

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