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Bedrock Better Build Tools (New UI)

Better Build Tools (New UI)

This addon is a revamped version of a previous addon called Build Tools.  As the name indicates, this is the new and improved Better Build Tools.  Features include an updated UI and UX making for quick and easy transitions between tools, settings, and activating the brushes.



5 Minute Build Video:


The best way to learn how to use this addon is to watch the first video.  It shows you everything you need to do to activate and use the addon.  


To Initiate:

– function init

That will fill your inventory with items that look like the following:

The ON Trigger:
Activates and Deactivates the brush you are using. This basically controls when the cursor is creating blocks.


There are 4 items that are used to toggle/control your settings.  They are:


Distance: Controls how far your cursor is away from you.

Kill: When on, this will remove any items that are dropped while creating your terrain (like grass seeds and blocks)

Rate: Controls how fast your cursor creates blocks.

Size: Adjusts the size of your brush (works with brushes and erasers but not stamps).


To change one of these settings, you use it like a spawn egg. 



Brushes, Stamps and Erasers:

These are the things that you can use to manipulate and edit your world.  The selection items for these now look like the images below and will be put in your inventory when you activate the addon.

There are many more of these tools included in the addon.  These 5 are just examples of what the UI now looks like.  You activate the same way as you use the settings items.

This addon does require holiday features to be enabled (experimental features)
It is compatible with other addons.


This addon has been tested on PC, Mobile (Android and IOS), and Console (XBox).  It works in every case.  If you have trouble setting it up, I encourage you to watch the videos to help you get started or ask a question in the comments section.  
Also, I make these addons available for free, and with no annoying ad-wall (linkvertise, adfly, etc).  If you enjoy these addons, please visit my YouTube Channel and subscribe.  I just started the channel so subs and likes really do help a lot.


Download the .mcaddon file.

Click to install

Activate the Holiday Creator Experimental Features in your world.

creator: TheMCD912


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