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Bedrock Better Faction v0.5.3 (1.17.34)

Better Faction v0.5.3 (1.17.34)

Better Faction is an add-on for pvp faction server, it include some custom command in chat and allow to add home. The pack Need to have Gametest Framework ON. (keep in mind is in development) have fun.



here the list of command that actually work :
for Admin (need to add you the tag ‘Admin’ -> /tag add @s Admin) :

  • +setspawn
  • +init all

for players :

  • +help
  • +spawn
  • +sethome
  • +home
  • +delhome
  • +listhome |or| +list home
  • +co

(more command will come soon)

also the mod need better translation join me on discord if you want to help me 😀 or constact me on Xbox “mister art43”.
don’t hesitate to do feedback in commentary, i read 👍 (and i apologise for my english 😏 ).


creator: Mister Art43


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