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Well, as all people know Minecraft is a sandbox is a very diverse and rich game with many things like blocks, entities & mobs, items, … in that block and mob is two things that make minecraft so stylish richer, but the crowd is still like electric creeper (exploded player life with full set of diamonds?) and today the addon also helps mob become strong.


First start with….


– Another popular creature into the game is a skeleton along with a bow. In the game default version, this creature will pull arrows and shoot the player at long range

But in this addon Skeleton will have a difference: 

This Skeleton is very clever : 

  • – They choose a bow if its target is far away and wield a sword if the target is close to it.
  •  – If the player is attacked by it while it holds a sword, it will cause a weak effect //  when spawn skeleton will be able to have different sizes if the larger it is, the rarer it is.
  • – Skeleton will be able to ride a zombie if it sees it (50% chance).


• Zombie is a common creature and also the most difficult creature at night.

• In this addon, it’s like a warrior stopping the player with increased health from 20 -> 24, it also allows skeletons to ride on it.

• Increases the rate of baby zombies, can pick up copper objects in the night of the full moon, it is much stronger // when the player attacks it also increases its running speed.


Being a nightmare in real life, the spider in the game plays the role of horses in the battlefield In this addon it’s like a real horse* 🙂


• The moon spider will appear only on the night of the full moon with a higher amount of health and damage and magic than normal spiders // killing it will produce delicious food #treasuresea

• In addition, on the night of the moon in the night of the full moon, 100% of the spiders will often have children riding on them such as: vindicator, skeleton…


 An extremely weak creature of the game, but the level of discomfort is at the top of the game • In this addon it’s like a ghost:

• With blinding on approach, increased damage, increased flight speed These things make the phantom a real Phantom



  • • Massive creatures appear and spread nightmares for players on raids in minecraft. Right now that nightmare will be greatly enhanced in my addon:
  • The amount of health can be from 100 – 150 ravager will be very large & rare Hitbox will now be equal to the Java version’s hitbox
  • damage output will now be 20 If the player uses a shield when it attacks, it will be stunned and they will be healed.
  • When Raid has an evoker on him, 100% of that ravager is in large form




• The second most popular and second highest damage melee creature in minecraft raids.

• The nature of the vindicator is very complete with disabling the player’s shield, high health, high damage But for me that’s still not enough =)


+ When spawning, there will be a very rare chance to form a Vindicator boss, the amount of damage, health is increased // standing near people will be blind



• Being the slenderman of minecraft – a complete mob in all aspects, if you stand near Enderman when it is angry you will be blind.

Full changelog in this addon:





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