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Bedrock Better on Bedrock Beta v1.0.0 || Survival Expansion

Better on Bedrock Beta v1.0.0 || Survival Expansion

Better on Bedrock (previously known as Vanilla Plus) is a Minecraft Bedrock Add-On that tries to improve the overall gameplay of the base vanilla game. It aims to improve a lot of aspects by improving and adding new bosses, blocks, items, mobs, structures, biomes and systems.


Inside Better on Bedrock you’ll find numerous improvements to vanilla biomes. Some of these biomes will have their own exclusive structures, mobs and ores. (Some not in this build)







Items and blocks:

Items and blocks inside of Better on Bedrock will have their own unique features to keep them fresh.

Gilded Netherite Armor:

Gilded Netherite Armor will be used to protect yourself against Piglins. It has the same stats as regular Netherite Armor, but can’t be obtained via survival yet.


Bounty System:

The Bounty System is a unique system where you can complete “Side Missions” to get exclusive rewards. To get access to this System you need to find the “Trader Outpost” which can only be found in the Taiga, Plains and Snowy Biomes. (This system is buggy and will be improved in a future patch)

You’ll find a Bounty Board which gives you the Bounty Scroll. Once you have the scroll you can open it to get an Opened Bounty Scroll.

When you right click (or hold) the Opened Scroll You’ll be prompted with a UI where you can select the tiers of bounties. Clicking on a tier will open the “Tier’s” Bounties. To Unlock a Tier you need a certain amount of Bounty XP to unlock it.

Player Corpse:

Hey look! Player Corpse is in here!


Waystones is one of the unique features in Better on Bedrock. It can be found in a structure that changes depending on the Biome.

To use a Waystone you need a new item called “Waystone Marker”. This item can only be found at the Trader Outpost.

When interacting on a Waystone while holding the Waystone Marker will open a UI where you can enter the name of your Waystone and save it.

When interacting with the item anywhere you will be prompted with another UI where you can choose a Saved Waystone.

When you select any Saved Waystone it will open another UI where you can choose to remove or teleport to it. You need 3 or more levels to Teleport to a Waystone. After you have teleported to a Waystone, the Waystone Marker will be on a 60 second cooldown.


Vein Miner:

A new mechanic in Better on Bedrock is the Vein Miner. The Vein Miner allows you to chop down trees when breaking one log and mine ore veins with one break!


You’ll be happy to hear that there are backpacks! You can craft up to 2 backpacks.

The first craftable item in Better on Bedrock is the Backpack:

Medium Backpack:

Regular Backpack:


  • Early play-testers reported bugs that you’ll see below
  • Fixed an issue where a broken waystone won’t remove it from the warp list.
  • Fixed some recipes
  • Tweaked tree generation to not collide with structures
  • Fixed missing backpack textures.
  • Minor performance imporvements.


  • Requires all experimental features toggles.
  • This Add-On won’t work with other Add-Ons.
  • This Add-On won’t work with multi-player or servers.
  • DM me on discord for question and/or permissions
  • Use this link when showcasing this Add-On
  • Have Fun

creator: https://twitter.com/MrthunderPlayz


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