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Bedrock Better Ore 3.0

Better Ore 3.0

Have you ever think about your iron ore diamond is so few, don’t worries this addon will make the ore generate more frequently. If you find bug or something just comment and i will fix it immediately and don’t forget if you like this addon you can share the addon to your friend or other thanks.


Hi, this addon will improve the generation of ore mybe in future it can change ore to the block it self like iron become a iron block and another ore too and maybe in future it can improve ore in the nether too thanks for download my addon.


  • This addon will improve the ore generation
  • Works with all overworld ore 
  • Works in survival and creative mode 
  • Work in 1.18
  • Add all deepslate ore to list
  • Add copper ore to generation


  • You can’t share direct link if you want to share to your friends or other you can share the mcpe page/link.
  • If you want to review the addon in youtube of other platform don’t forget to credit me

Work in 1.18, fix some bug, add all deepslate ore to list


You need to activated the experimental gameplay for making it’s work

creator: GuardiansDeso


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