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Better Raids

Better raids is an addon that expands on Illagers and the Raids that they are in. This addon adds 8 new Illagers all with unique abilities some can healer others defend for their lifes. There is also one new weapon in the addon which is dropped by one of the new Illagers. This may conflict with any mod that edits the default Illagers and the witch.

The raids raids addon adds 8 illagers and one new item mentioned below.


Artemis is the most simple out of the illagers and has 24 health, it spawns in raids and in pillager outpost. Artemis uses a bow instead of the crossbow which the pillagers default item. The Artemis drops arrows on death. The name Artemis relates the goddess of hunt and archery.


The Ceridwen is a witch variant that only spawns in raids, it has 17 health. The Ceridwen holds a massive cauldron which it uses to heal all illagers in a 10 block radius. The Ceridwen will also run away from players and iron golems if they get to close. The Ceridwen will only heal and not attack. The name Ceridwen relates to the goddess of the Cauldron.



The concealer is the assassin illager, it has 20 health and will drink an invisibility potion before attacking it’s victim. The concealer holds a unique item which is called the dagger. The dagger will be more detailed later. With this dagger it does over 5 attack damage. The concealer will only spawn in raids and can either drop a potion of invisibility or its dagger that it uses.


The deceiver illager is a spy and will blend in with the regular villager, it only spawns in raids. There are two different ways to tell if a Villager is actually the Deceiver. First use sound, the Deceiver will try to make their voice more high pitched but it doesn’t work very well. Second, it will chase after you which is a big red flag. After the Deceiver is damaged or successfully attacks something it will change into a vindicator.



The Illusioner was previously a scrapped mob in Minecraft Java, but this addon adds him back. The Illusioner has 40 health and will spawn in raids and woodland mansions, it is not a 100% chance it will spawn in raids. The Illusioner has two ways of attacking, the first mode is ranged attack, in ranged mode the Illusioner will use a bow to shoot it’s target from a distance. The second mode of attack is the summoning mode, in this mode the Illusioner will drink a potion of invisibility and will summon clones to attack. The way it swaps to these modes is by being attacked. The texture uses comes from the Minecraft spinoff, Minecraft Dungeons.


Illusioner Clone:

The Illusioner clone is extremely slow and will despawn after 5 seconds. The Illusioner clone can only attack by using it’s bow. These clones come in groups and can be extremely deadly to the iron golem and the player. 


The Necromancer is an undead illager who doesn’t use a weapon to attack and has 24 health. The Necromancer will only spawn in raids and will summon a new entity called the zombie pillager. The Necromancer wears a robe, under the robe the Necromancer has a visible skull meaning it is an undead mob.

Zombie Pillager:

The Zombie Pillager is a new zombie variant, this Zombie cannot spawn naturally and will only be spawned by the Necromancer. It has 20 health and does only 3 damage. Despite being a Zombie it will not burn in sunlight.


The dagger is only new item in this mod and cannot be crafted. The only way to obtain the dagger is by killing the Concealer. It does 5 damage and is a smaller version of the Iron Sword.

That is all the content in this addon! Have a good day/night!

creator: Space Ace 404




Open the file provided with Minecraft Bedrock Edition. When using this addon on a World equip the behaviour pack and resource pack and turn on all experimental features.




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