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Bedrock Bezerker Golem Addon

Bezerker Golem Addon

Bezerker Golem Addon adds a new type of golem to the game known as Bezerker golem this golem is inspired from Mr FudgeMonkeys Annoying Villager Series so credits to him for allowing us to use his creation and make this addon 


1)Bezerker Golem can be spawned by using a spawn egg in creative 

2)it has a 100 hearts of health and 4 hearts damage without any armour

3)Bezerker Golem protect Villagers and players from hostile mobs 

4)they are friendly towards the player but can become hostile if attacked by players

5) Bezerker Golem is heavily armoured and strong so not easy to kill 

6)I got permission from the original creator to release the addon


Select version for changelog:


More details on the addon and written permission to release the addon from the original creator


Make sure to activate experiment features when using the addon in game and if want to show this addon in youtube you are free to do so just make sure to share the mcpdl link for download in vedio description

creator: https://www.youtube.com/user/TechnoCommand


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