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Bedrock BicycleCraft – Survival Friendly Bicycles!

BicycleCraft – Survival Friendly Bicycles!


Bicyclecraft – this pack addons 3 unique bicycles to the game with different stats and crafting recipes. This pack was designed to be survival friendly, and easy to run in Minecraft.   

Gas prices too high? Need to get in shape? Well, with a bicycle you don’t have to worry about gas, and you can work out while you get to your destination!


This pack adds 3 unique bicycles to the game, with more coming soon.

Let me show you each bike!


Bmx Bike 

A bike designed and used for off-road, freestyle, and stunts.

HP:50, Speed:0.22, Seats:1


Cruiser Bike 

A bicycle designed and used for cruising around and beach riding.


HP:40, Speed:0.19, Seats:1


Mountain Bike

All-terrain bicycle designed for hill and mountain terrain.

HP:70, Speed:0.26, seats:1


Since these bicycles are survival friendly, they all can easily be crafted with simple materials. Let me show you the recipes


Here are some additional pictures of the bicycles 


In future updates, I am going to be adding some more bikes. Here are some of the following possible additions: Road bike, Basket cruiser, Triathlon bike, 2-seater bike, Carriage Bike.

creator: Youtube.com/Jxcksonn


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