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Bedrock BIG MOBS small mobs

Bedrock BIG MOBS, the newest group of small mobs, is taking the world by storm. Established in 2021, the group consists of six diverse and talented artists from varied backgrounds who are creating an upbeat mix of rap, rock, pop, trap and reggaeton music. From their relentless lyrical flow to their intricate production and vocal performances, Bedrock BIG MOBS is bringing something new and exciting to the music industry.

The group began when they witnessed the huge turnout of people at local shows, and decided to use their collective creative and music skills to create something special. After months of working together, they finally released their first album, ‘Bedrock’, in the summer of 2021. And it’s been a hit worldwide. Their sound has been described as an energetic, genre-crossing fusion that blends elements of urban, rock, and hip-hop music.

Each member of the band has their own unique style and musicianship. Michael is a rhythm guitarist and producer, who uses his ability to make beats and provide ambient soundscapes to Bedrock’s songs. Dominic is an accomplished rap vocalist, using his gritty delivery to cut through the mix. Kevin is a dynamic hip-hop and trap vocalist, while Luca lays down warm R&B vocals. Jocelyn is a talented pianist, providing perfect accompaniments on the piano to the group’s tracks. And finally, Ricardo is an electrifying performer, bringing a huge impact to the group’s live set with his explosive energy.

Bedrock BIG MOBS has been gaining a huge following since the release of their debut album, and performing at stellar events across the United States. This hot new collective is on the rise, and it’s only a matter of time before the world recognizes their unique style of music. Be sure to catch Bedrock BIG MOBS live or streaming on your favorite platforms and discover what this incredible group has to offer.

BIG MOBS small mobs


How big, exactly? Well, bigger than big! And smaller than small. And everything in between. This pack randomizes the size of every Minecraft mob. You never know what you’re going to get. How about a Pillager bigger than his Pillager Outpost? Why not! A leviathan-size turtle? Sure. An arrow bigger than a really big harpoon, or smaller than a toothpick? Yes, we need this.

All mobs should act exactly as they normally do, same behavior, same spawning, same health, same damage, same everything. Except their sizes may change drastically. Let’s take a look at some examples.


This Shulker may have outgrown their home.

Now that’s a Drowned.

Fortunate not to be standing slightly to his left.

Each mob may be one of 11 different sizes, ranging from a tiny scale of 0.12 up to a massive, I mean MASSIVE scale of 14 (very small chance of this, but it will happen eventually). The big ones may lead to a performance hit.

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