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Bedrock Biome Complex

Biome Complex

Biome Complex is a brand new Terrain Generation add-on. It adds 7 brand new and distinct biomes that will make your world so much more fun to explore. Each biome stands out and isn’t just a retextured version of a vanilla biome.


This add-on adds 7 new and unique biomes to the game. I wanted to place the focus on the terrain itself, not on any new blocks. For this reason I only added new blocks where I felt that it would help with the biome’s atmosphere, so this biome is Vanilla friendly


Jacaranda Grove

Fractured Jungle

Plated Desert

Sandy Savannah

Dripstone Canyon

Eucalyptus Forest

Hot Springs


At the moment custom biomes aren’t supported in the 1.18 betas, and will most likely not work in 1.18. As soon as this changes I will update the page


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