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Bedrock Biome Expansion V1.0

Biome Expansion V1.0

Are you tired of the usual Minecraft biomes? Do you want to get a new biome that doesn’t exist or change an existing one? If so, you can download this add-on, this add-on will modify the existing Minecraft biomes and add some new biomes. 




The first biome I will show you is Gravel Beach.

Gravel Beach is a biome consisting of gravel as a top and mid material.


The second biome is Stone Beach.

This biome only consists of stones, in Minecraft this biome is very rarely generated, so with this add-on, sometimes it will generate next to Plains, Savanna, Extreme Hills, Dark Forest.


The third biome is River

In this add-on, the river biome gets a water lily on its surface, and it’s a little wider and deeper.


The fourth biome is Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach is another variant of biome beach, this biome is only generated in the Jungle Biome, in this biome there are only bush, flower and grass.


And the last biome is the Tropical Island

In this biome there is only grass (for now) but in the future I plan to add some trees and animals.



New Tree

This add-on also adds a new tree that only appears in the Jungle Biome.



Changed the link to MediaFire for easy download.

If you have any suggestions please let me know on discord


If you have any suggestions, please tell them on discord


Activate all Experimental except Caves and Cliffs if you are playing on version 1.17.30+

creator: https://twitter.com/ErlangGaming07



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