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Bedrock Biome Overhaul Modpack V1

Biome Overhaul Modpack V1

The Biome Overhaul Modpack combines 3 of my addons; Frost, Arid, and Tropic. With this modpack installed, you will find tons of new content such as ores, tools, weapons, bosses, structures and more scattered across snow biomes, deserts, and jungles. Not only does this modpack combine those 3 addons, you will also get BONUS CONTENT that is not available in the other 3 standalone addons. 


Here’s a trailer if your interested


Here are the 3 addons that are included. If you want to see what each of these addons add, then check out the links below each of them.



Bonus Content:

Biome Blend: Gives you fire resistance, plus combined effects from the potions in recipe

Frozen Spear: Deals 7.5 damage and has 125 durability. Slows enemies that are hit.

Arctic Spear: Deals 11 damage, has 400 durability. Freezes enemies in place that are hit.

Ice Dust: New dust that can craft a new powder. Crafted in the Splitter. (Splitter in from Arid)

Chilled Dart: New blowgun ammunition

Chilled Blowgun: Freezes enemies that are hit.

Desert Chakram: New Chakram weapon. Deals 3.5 damage as melee, 6.5 ranged. Fast projectile speed.

Snowflake Chakram: Another new Chakram weapon. Deals 5 damage as melee, 12 ranged. Floats like a snowflake when thrown. 

Ice Powder: Freezes nearby enemies, reverts back to Blank Dust after use.

Frozen Heart: Gives the Player that uses it a permanent slowing field around them. Any entity that walks near them will be slowed. Does NOT effect players.

Spear of the Elements: 9 damage, 300 durability. Poisons and freezes enemies that are hit.

Medallion of the Ancients: Gives 4.5 armor bars, has 1000 durability. When special effect is used, you receive enhanced effects from the items in recipe, and additional strength all for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Frozen Eye Spawnblock: Spawns a new boss; the Frozen Eye. Spawns only if the block is broken.

Frozen Altar: Rare structure that always spawns with a Frozen Eye Spawnblock. Surrounded with Frozen Zombie spawners.

The Frozen Eye: A new miniboss to fight exclusive to this modpack only. The eye has 150 health and deals 5 damage. During the fight, the Frozen Eye will inflict a slowness debuff to all nearby players. The Frozen Eye can continuously shoots out Snowflake Chakrams at players. These will deal MASSIVE amounts of damage very quickly so keep your distance. And finaly, when the Frozen Eye hits you, you will be completely frozen for 3-5 seconds. 

When the boss is dead you will receive a new trophy and all slowness debuffs will be removed. Have fun fighting it!


Thanks for checking out the modpack. I hope you enjoy playing with it.


Required experiments.

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Please refrain from creating your own links.

I own all the assets in this addon, so please do NOT steal anything. Thanks.


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