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Bedrock Biome Update

Biome Update

Biome Update addon will improve existing minecraft biomes and make them fresher. New mobs, blocks and food will be added. I tried to make sure that what was shown on minecon vote was not in my addon. If you shoot a review on Youtube, then leave the hashtags: #BiomeUpdate or #BU



Addon Biome Update changes the following biomes : dark forest, snowy taiga and desert. New items, mobs and blocks will be added to these biomes. The addon is at an early stage of development, if there are errors, then write to the discord or in the comments.

Dark Forest 


Leshy. Leshy hides well in a grove of trees. He deals massive damage and run fast. Leshy does not burn in the sun, but takes increased fire damage. 


Woodlin mob made from dark oak. Will be very disturbing when looking for forest mansions. 

Snowy taiga


Icestone is a new type of stone that spawns in cold biomes. Just like normal ice, icestone is slippery and melts from fire and light. It can be used to make decorative blocks. 





Rats. Rats in this addon are very interesting creatures. The code says that they should spawn on the rails, but due to a bug they spawn on the surface. This mechanic can be used to find mines. 


There are 2 ores in the addon, these are sulfur and the remains of nautiluses. Sulfur can be used to craft gunpowder and tnt. The nautilus are more interesting. 

One nautilus ore drops from 1 to 4 shell shards. When combined in a craft table, you can get nautilus shell. 


Fossil blocks also drop fossilized nautilus shell shards that need to be smelted in the furnace. 



The snake is under development until it drops nothing and attacks chickens and rabbits. 


The addon also adds new trees, bananas and decorative blocks, but they do not need a description.  



The addon also has 2 exclusive decorative mobs, these are moobloom, moolip and soul. 


This is currently all that is added to my addon. there are things that I haven’t described here, but they may not be ready for realize or are at very early stage. Also thanks to these people: 

And of course, don’t forget to thank the developers of this addon!

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJc66LT2dzldQozhcKv2Jg


  1. Download the addon, go to “files” 
  2. Find the addon is downloaded files or memory
  3. download the addon for minecraft and enjoy!!!

Make sure you enable experimental features!!!


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