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Bedrock Block Compressed v1.0.1

Block Compressed v1.0.1

If you have little space in chests, but never want to get rid of blocks that may be useful to you? Thanks to my simple addon, you will forget about this problem.


You can craft blocks in the Crafting Table. 9 blocks = 1 compressed. Or recall them to commands

For now, there are 3 types of blocks that you can compress up to 6 times




Blocks have the same fire resistance as the original, they will exploded in the same way as the original when exploded. Best of all, you don’t need tools to bring them out.

The add-on includes a Texture Pack and a Behavior Pack.

The add-on was made entirely by me and may not be used for financial purposes etc.



creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQe75DcnEqUdANXb5xDTfQ


Some photos were added and the TY Video was changed



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