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Bedrock Block Paint

Block Paint

Tired of having your house made of earth or other material, the solution is here with this complement, you will add tools that will fill your world with colors with few resources, your house will be perfectly beautiful. tools that will fill your world with colors with few resources your house will have a perfect beauty

  • It will be as easy as creating your brush and getting dyes.
  • but first let’s review the necessary crafting


  • first we will create the body of the brush, sticks and wooden slab are needed
  • then the upper part of the brush is made with a white wool one


  • Now with those elements we can make the eye brush, it will be empty
  • now it’s time to paint let’s look for tints “be careful here the tints of the images are needed one is missing but in the update we will add them”
  • you can use that dyes
  • these are some of the brushes
  • These brushes have durability but will not break when finished, the paint will be empty


  • These are the blocks that can be painted eye more and the fences and the slabs and the stairs will be added



  • The most important thing is, the cleaner for this you need sticks and slime balls since it is a somewhat difficult object to make, it does not have durability so you only need one
  • Sample of the some colors and the first row is cleaned and returns the block that was painted



Detailed and brief description of the add-on installation was sent


Download both files in the links above there is no advertisement, the behavior pack and the resource pack open them and it will automatically install in minecraft

creator: darkslayer503


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