Block Split in Bedrock

Splitting blocks has been a dream of every redstoner, so now with the help of this addon you can easily achieve the behaviour whats called the block split in minecraft java edition.



Block spliting is a known behaviour releated to sticky piston, where when given a quick pulse sticky piston drop the attached block if have any if not then grab it.

Recently a new scripting API named Gametest Framework was introduced in the betas which is now available for play on the stable release/version, with the help of API’s piston related events “beforePistonActive”  specifically, i was able to created a nice simple script that will allow sticky pistons to split / drop there attached blocks on a quick pulse just like we have it on the java edition.

One important thing to note here is that sticky pistons is MUST to finish the both extension and retarction within the period of 4 or less game ticks to be able to drop or grab the block, anything more than the 4 game ticks/2 redstone ticks will result in ordinary sticky piston ie no block will be dropped or grabbed.


let’s talk bit about usage, to be honest usage of this script is fairly easy all you need is to first download the pack from one of the links given below, since this is not a resource pack so you will need to import the behviour pack into one of your desired world where you would like sticky pistons to split there blocks 

once done that make sure to enable the “Enable Gametest Framework” option in the world settings before entering the world or you will end up commenting “its not working”

Woah! its all done, you are now ready to enjoy the Block Splits on that world

Facing issues?

you are welcome to contact me any time through one of the platforms linked below.


Discord: WavePlayz#7915

Twitter: @itsMrGhost


Crediting in description of your content will be helpful 🙂


  • Removed Shrinkearn link as its not getting accepted
  • Updated Supported Minecraft versions

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