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Bedrock Boats Plus Addon

Boats Plus Addon

This addon enables the players to add some useful attachments to vanilla boats, such as chests, barrels, hoppers, sails, as well as a TNT cannon! This will make transportation and exploration interesting.


Creator: Da_4Th_Edge

How to use:


Storage Boats: Right-click/Interact with Chests or Barrels to attach them to the boat. They occupy boat seats, so you can highest add two chests/barrels.
Hopper Boats: Right-click/Interact with Hopper to attach it to the boat. You can only add one hopper. It can collect nearby floating items when player inventory is full.
Sail Boats: You need two Sticks and 3 Wool blocks of the same color to craft a Sail(Watch the video for recipe). Total 16 different colors are available, which you can craft with colored wools. After crafting, right-click/interact to attach it to the boat.
TNT Cannon Boats: Right-click/Interact with Dispenser to attach it to the boat. Then while riding, hold TNT and right-click/Interact with the boat to shoot TNTs!
**Breaking the boats will automatically drop all inventory items as well as the attachments, they won’t disappear.**


Sails were intended to increase boat speed. But the vanilla boat’s speed is hardcoded, so right now it’s just a decorative attachment.


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