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Bedrock BraydenB’s Command Pack | Includes Hub and SetHub

BraydenB’s Command Pack | Includes Hub and SetHub

this addon was made by braydenb it contains a ton of useful commands for servers and single player the commands that i have added uses the prefix – and all commands are listed below. 


The following commands are added using the experiment option GAMETEST FRAMEWORK make sure to enable it while creating the world.


this command can make a person say something even if they never or is not online. this is really buggy right now and i will most likely make a separate addon for the sudo command

-heal heals your health

-gmc gamemode c

-gms gamemode s

-void create a void hole below the target

-tp2p teleport to a player 

-i like /give

-hub teleport to the hub 

-sethub sets the hub useful for servers

-smite summon lightning on the target

-op gives people to acess all custom commands this DOES NOT give access to normal / commands

-help shows help

Update will come soon!

creator: L&B corp




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