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Bedrock Brazilian Armed Forces Addon

Brazilian Armed Forces Addon

Brazilian armed forces addon where weapons, clothes and military equipment used by brazil are added. The addon was created to play in multiplayer to have fun doing pvp with your friends



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This addon focuses on multiplayer where you can invite friends to pvp and have a lot of fun like in the video below

Addon contains several equipment which are the ones below

Brazilian military uniform

(wearing this uniform you get 3 defense)

Military ammunition holder

(wearing this uniform you get 1 defense)

Using all equipment together you gain more resistance and withstand up to 5 shots of 7.62

As the addon was made to be played in multiplayer with a friend it does not contain crafts, so when you enter your minecraft world you will win the item below, with it you will have access to all the addon items

(This item can only be used once)

When activated, these are the items you will receive




  • Added Brazilian ammo holder
  • Added Brazilian military uniform
  • Added parafal 7.62 brazilian military weapon

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