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Bedrock British Army Uniforms Addon

[2D] British Army Uniforms Addon

This is an old project of mine, a very large British Army Uniforms Pack which I had previously used on a MilSim but is now out of use, hence I am making it public. This addon contains uniforms for lots of different regiments, and different ranks with different insignia. This addons would be amazing for anyone wanting to run a British or Commonwealth style MilSim, since I have also added helmets with different flags on. 


In this addon, there are different uniforms for different Regiments. The first one is just a basic / generic regiment. 

Basic Regiment Uniform:

Enlisted Uniform:

Warrant Officer Uniform:

Officer Cadet Uniform:

Officer Uniform:


Special Recon Regiment:

Enlisted Uniform:

Officer Uniform:


Special Air Service:

Enlisted Uniform:

Officer Uniform:

Grenadier Guards:

Enlisted Uniform:

Officer Uniform:

Military Police:

Enlisted Uniform:


Textures by: Co1byJ98#0101
Coded By: Zevych#3152

creator: Zev Studios


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