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Bedrock Bugrock: Minecraft but with a lot of Bugs

Bugrock: Minecraft but with a lot of Bugs

We can all agree that we love Minecraft. But, it isn’t a perfect game. It has some bugs and I think it isn’t enough. So I added more bugs! If you want to enjoy or your ruin your survival game, you have to try this! 



Some screenshots:

Giant Cave Spider

Flying Husk

Baby Ravager

Some of the bugs (features?) it has:

  • Armor stand has its own mind (frustrated dancer)
  • Bat explodes
  • Cat is now vegan
  • Good or bad luck chicken
  • Evoker is ridiculously OP!
  • Husk flies
  • Iron golem is tameable and has baby variant
  • Talking Parrot
  • Phantom (hard + er)
  • “Crops good, meats goodest” – Rabbit
  • Salmon hates players
  • “Sheep together, strong!”
  • Floating Squid
  • Wandering Trader has wolves (bye Llamas!)
  • “You know, I’m a nightwalker myself” – Witch’
  • Some zombies throw their head to attack you
  • Some are unlisted for you to discover 😉

 I hope to see how you play with these bugs around! Good luck! 


NOTE: This addon is in beta stage so, some of the vanilla files are unaffected in this version. You can however make suggestions regarding the bugs to be added.

creator: https://twitter.com/CoptaineMC



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