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Unlike World Edit, you can easily implement building editing without typing any commands. All functions are encapsulated as props, and the difficulty of getting started is extremely low. The most important thing is that it does not require you to start any experimental gameplay.

This Addon helps you easily implement block editing in Bedrock Edition.

It doesn’t require you to start any experimental gameplay.

Most of its tools are in the form of mob eggs, which you can find inside spawn_egg.

It is roughly divided into two parts: environment tools and rapid construction tools.

Quick build tools can be obtained quickly by using the ‘Tool Collection’.

When using the quick build tool, you need to have a certain understanding of the tool, otherwise it is easy to create a large number of entities and cause the archive to crash.

When using it for the first time, it is recommended to turn on pointer optimization first, so as not to put too much pressure on the archive.

For specific usage, please refer to my YouTube video.


Note that this addon does not require any experimental gameplay!

Answer the frequently asked questions

The simplest and most practical function is called range filling, which is an upper-level substitute for fill. By default, it will carry the pointer filling function, so it will freeze when the filling area is too large. The solution is to turn on pointer optimization (drop cleaning), and the maximum filling range after turning on pointer optimization is 64*64*64

The server cannot use tools to obtain and place blocks, and the corresponding functions need to be directly obtained in the biological egg. Because these two use special methods, they cannot be executed on the client side. Fortunately, these two functions are not very important.

The connection between two points can be realized by using a green vector with a pointer, remember not to open pointer optimization! After the pointer optimization is turned on, the pointer will be cleaned up directly!

Range filling can not only fill cubes, but also walls, straight lines, etc. It is super convenient to use! The function positioning is completely different when the pointer optimization is turned on and when the pointer optimization is not turned on! Please kept informed.

creator: GFancy

By aadhu

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