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Bedrock Buncha Tools (Adds 100+ Weapons)

Buncha Tools (Adds 100+ Weapons)


Are you tired of the boring old tools in normal Minecraft? Well here I have decided to spice things up by making this addon that adds around 100+ new weapons and tools that will make the game better.


Weapons Added:

Desert Weapons:

Dragon Weapons:

End Weapons:

Nether Weapons:

Ocean Weapons:

Slime Weapons

Snow Weapons:

The crafting recipes should automatically pop up when you play the game in survival mode. The damage these tools do is also insane. This should make Minecraft more fun and intresting. Try to collect all of the weapons and put them in a display room or something.


All textures were created by me, previously there was an issue with the battle axes being a copied model from SorYPMod but after discussing the issue with them they told me to change the battle axe models and I did. The battle axe textures and models in this addon are original and created by me.



Make sure to have these settings on:

creator: OofAddons


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