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Bedrock ByronDev’s Left Hand Torch and Dynamic Light

ByronDev’s Left Hand Torch and Dynamic Light

This addon adds the Left hand torch and Dynamic light while holding light objects in your hand. With this addon you can explore the night, caves and dark places without spending torches.


There are many addons of this type, however I wanted to create my own version using a simple code created 100% by me. You can use my code as you want 😉

This addon modifies the player.json

You can use the torch and the lantern in the left hand.

First put it in the crafting table or in the crafting of your inventory.

Then place it in your left hand.

These are the luminous objects:

High Light:




-Lit Pumpkin

-Sea Lantern



-End Rod


-Lava Bucket

Medium Light:

-Soul Campfire

-Soul Torch

-Soul Lantern

Low Light:

-Redstone Torch

-Enchanting Table

If you are going to upload or review my add-on on Youtube or another website you do not have permission to share a direct link, please leave the official link to this page. 


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