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Bedrock Bzf Wallpapers | Version 0.0.1

Bzf Wallpapers | Version 0.0.1

Bzf Wallpapers – Originally Meant To Be Partnered With Bzf Furniture’s. Bzf Wallpapers can give of better ideas and build technics for maps projects and other. It has a total of 54 blocks right now. So you can download future versions soon cause more block is going to be added.


Bzf Wallpapers Version 0.0.1

Common build ideas partnered with Bzf Furniture’s



Living Room

How To Craft Wallpaper Box 

How to craft the wallpapers,tiles,carpet,etc.

Use a StoneCutter to open the box

Credit texture ideas came from other creators who where making other project and made something very similar


You can use this addon for your projects and videos. 

Please don’t give off direct links (to keep me frequently updating the addon it also supports the creator)

Reusing texture or code is allowed.

Thanks for all the support so far❤️

That’s all


The Link Will Take You To Linkvertise.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCujzA4T-3-uHXEMgmzETJlQ


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