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Bedrock Calamity Addon

Calamity Addon

This addon adds a bunch of new monsters which can be summoned from new blocks that spawn in structures and require a key to unlock. These monsters drop a bunch of items that can be crafted into powerful weapons and tools.


List of Summoning Platforms

  • Wooden (spawns on overworld surface)
  • Stone (Spawns underground)
  • Prismarine (Spawns on beaches)
  • Iron (Spawns underground)
  • Gold (Spawns underground or in nether)
  • Diamond (Spawns deep underground)
  • Emerald (Spawns deep underground)
  • Obsidian (Spawns deep underground or in end)
  • Magma (Spawns in nether)
  • Purpur (Spawns in end)

The monsters spawned from these platforms will drop many different items that can be used to craft weapons and tools



+ rewrote the introduction to make it different than the one on vatonage.com


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