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Canned Addon


This add-on adds canned foods! You can place these blocks on the ground. You can add up to 8 cans in one block. You can open the can by holding it in your offhand and using the can opener to open the can.

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How to open your can?

  1. Craft a Can Opener (See recipe below)
  2. Hold the can that you want to open in your offhand.
  3. Hold the Can Opener in your main hand and use the item (R-Click on Windows), It should then start the eating animation and sound.
  4. Once the animation is done the can in your offhand should get removed. You should then have an empty can and the item in the can.

Screenshots and Recipes


The cans can be stacked up to 8 cans in a single block

All cans that are currently added (All vanilla foods minus raw meats)

Can Opener Recipe

Empty Can Recipe

All of the can recipes follow the following shapeless pattern (8 items + empty can)



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