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Cape Physics Minecraft capes are one of the first cosmetics in the game starting from humble beginnings, such as the Minecon 2011 to fully customizable capes for both the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition versions of Minecraft. Customizable capes in Minecraft are fairly common nowadays, harboring multiple designs that make them all unique. There was only one thing that you could change to a cape, and that being customization, but what if there was another. A couple of days after Badlion Clients release, they made an update to capes, one of the features “Dynamic Curved” where your cape would look like it’s waving in the wind as to move.


Cape Physics is an add-on that replaces the stiff cape animations with an animation that will allow your cape to flow freely.

There are 17 parts to the cape with a powerful animation behind it to make it flow perfectly. This pack also works with normal capes along with Xatalyst’s Badlion Cloaks and Cosmetic Mod V2 packs.


Just like Badlion Client this pack also allows you to toggle shoulder pieces that go on each side of your character adding a better look to your cape along with the wave.


The pack additionally comes with Cosmetic Mixer V19 and above support, full server compatibility, realm support, and this pack will apply to everyone.



Please do not claim you made it or make another download link/make profit via the new download link.

If you wish to review the pack, you must include:

  • a link to Xatalyst’s channel.
  • the original download link.


Creator Info

-YouTube | Xatalyst

-Discord | Xatalyst#8114

-Server | Discord Server



Have a Merry Christmas <3



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