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This is a simple Add-On I’ve been working on for a week or 2 now, it is currently in an open beta phase so don’t expect much, if you have any suggestions or want to report a bug to join my team’s discord server, it will be linked below. Have you ever wanted a new companion added to Minecraft? Something not too small but also not too big, and something that’s more chill than the other mobs? Well, this is just what this addon adds!


Here’s a look at some of the things this addon will add to your game!
Again, if you would like to report a bug or suggest a new feature, join my team’s discord server (link below)


Oranges are an item obtained from orange trees which can be used to tame capybaras, and make them your pets!
These oranges can also be eaten with a nutritional value of 5.

Orange Trees

Orange trees can be planted using the orange tree sapling, they will drop oranges, which can be used for taming capybaras!
The logs can also be stripped and turned into stripped orange tree logs, and soon you will be able to craft these logs into orange planks!


Capybaras are passive creatures that will spawn in Swamps and Mangrove Swamps. (P.S., They don’t actually spawn in swamps or mangrove swamps yet.)
They can be tamed using oranges and bred using melon blocks, the babies can be grown by feeding them hay.

The capybaras can be sat down if tamed and will randomly lie down.
There are plans to add cosmetics and variants to the capybaras, just not right now.

creator: YeSMan20




-Added Capybaras
-Added Orange trees and Oranges
-Added discord server link
-Changed featured image


By aadhu

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