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Cartoon Cat Addon


warning: this plugin is in process, so if there is any error, tell me to fix it… This plugin implements an entity that many already know called cartoon cat let’s know it…

important: this addon is my property it is not copied from another creator SAFELAMP9066 it’s me but I put a different name because it wouldn’t let me but I already changed it and I don’t want my addon to be edited without my permission thanks 🙂

Cartoon Cat

cartoon cat is an entity based on old cartoons like Mickey Mouse among others, this entity is hostile towards monsters, players, villagers and golems, this entity has abilities and can speak to the player through chat and is tameable.

  • health: 60000000
  • attack: 100000
  • knockback resistance: 10
  • movement: 0.4

I will show the phrases with your special command…

  1. hello @p we are going to be great friends
  2. i will kill you hehehe (gamemode s @p)
  3. mew :3
  4. creepers can run but not hide…
  5. @p we are going to play a little game called… / run from the cat or it will kill you (gamemode s @p)
  6. give me cooked salmon to tame me
  7. you are not afraid?
  8. come to me (tp @p @e [type=saf:cartoon_cat)

some catches of cartoon cat

cc hand

cc hand is an entity that cartoon cat spawns when it attacks an entity, cc hand lasts 30 seconds but if you place it you will last until it is killed

  • health: 50000
  • attack: 50000

siren head

siren head is a gigantic but thin creature that its name gave its head is made up of two sirens that emit a horribly loud noise (this feature is not in the mod)

health: 835673-1000000

attack: 10000



the changes are…

  1. Add to siren head.
  2. add loots to entities.

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