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Bedrock Casino Craft (V1.0 Release Update)

Casino Craft (V1.0 Release Update)

Ever wanted to build your own Casino in Minecraft? A place where you can meet up with friends and play some cool games! Now you can! This add-on will give you the chance to build your very own casino without changing any on the gameplay or features in minecraft itself. Experimental Features will need to be enabled for you to play



Check out the latest video for all the information


Owning your very own Casino has never been easier and better. Grow your business and purchase bigger and better machines. Earn more and more money to buy the things you really want. 

Future updates will come frequently with more and more features


Getting started is easy, just play Minecraft as you normally would and when you have enough resources you can go and find the Retired Casino Owner in a Village (The Nitwit)

He will trade you all the items you will need to get your Casino off the ground

The Retired Casino Owner will only be need this once (Unless you die and need to start again) after you have started your Casino all future purchases can be done through the Laptop

The Laptop will be your one stop shop for all the Machines you want to fill your Casino with


The Accountant

The first member of staff you will need is the Accountant. He will deal with the day to day running of the Casino, Balancing the book, Pay role that kind of thing.

You go to him for the Staff’s Pay Cheques and tp hire new staff


The Cashiers

The Cashiers play a very important role in the running of a Casino, you will need at least one to allow your friends and yourself to get or cash out Casino Coins.

Beware though if you do not pay them on time, they will quit.


The Machines

The Machine are where you will enjoy yourself the most, take some time out and relax winning some coins from your favorite machine.

-Diamond Mine-


-Creeper Chaos-

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8dVw8Ylxi1dCielutku7uQ

More features and gameplay will be added in future updates

Check out the Discord to keep up to date on all our add-ons


Activate Experimental feature before playing this add-on


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